Zero Charge Personal grounding
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Zero Charge™ Adjustable Metal Wrist Bands

Expansion Links Provide Custom Fit

Metal wrist bands' patented linking system allows easy strap adjustment to fit any wrist size. Unique band comes in 130mm length and is easily enlarged using one or more of the five included 10mm nylon expansion links. Metal parts are made of jewelry-quality stainless steel. Super-durable bands are coated with polyurethane-baked epoxy.

Extremely comfortable custom fit eliminates the need to stock bands of various sizes. Each wrist strap includes 6' coil wire cord.

Adjustable slim metal wrist strap, 4mm snap, black, coil cord 6ft
Adjustable wrist strap, deluxe, 4mm snap, blue, coil cord 6ft
AM-201 AM-201
Metal wrist strap, 4mm snap, blue, coil cord 6ft